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June 26, 2012

Texas Style Barbecue Sauce

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Written by: nick.covanes

SlowPoke BBQ's Spicy Apple Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue sauce is the essential element for good old fashioned BBQ. If you are looking for real Texas Style Barbecue Sauce, you might consider Spicy Apple BBQ Sauce from SlowPoke Barbecue. SlowPoke is getting some really good reviews from nationally acclaimed BBQ critics and is proving to be a welcomed choice for many restaurants and competition cooking teams. SlowPoke BBQ sauce was a special blend created by Chad Devine, owner of SlowPoke BBQ. Chad developed this delightful sauce after hours and hours of refining the ingredients for his own events. Now, SlowPoke BBQ Sauce is available for purchase by the bottle or by the case.

Hear what folks are saying about SlowPoke BBQ's Spicy Apple Barbecue Sauce

It has just the right balance of apple and sweetness and just enough spice to round out the profile and add excitement.  Uncooked  it would make a fine dipping sauce and the consistency is on the thinner side, but still sticks well to meat.  Cooked – it gets even tastier and the sweetness burns off a bit, letting you taste more of the spices and apple flavors within the sauce. -BBQ Sauce Reviews
This is a very fine sauce too! It has a deep, rich molasses fragrance + a lot of tart smell from the apple, pear and vinegar combo. It reminds me of a deep, hearty sauce - the kind I like to pile up on brisket, ribs and especially sammies. As for the consistency, it is on the thinner side, just like I like it. Finger check is up front sweet, then more sweet molasses, the the heat hits about mid way through (habanero?) and a nice finish with fruit and tangy overtones, followed by a pleasant appley after-taste. The heat is medium heat that lingers for quite a while. It has a a dark - carmel color. All-in-all it is a complex flavor profile, that was very well thought out and produced. -Texas BBQ Forum
If you have a hankerin for some really good spicy barbecue, give SlowPoke BBQ's Spicy Apple Barbecue Sauce a try.

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About SlowPoke BBQ

What does a guy from New Hampshire know about Texas BBQ anyway? Well; after Chad was out of the military he relocated to Houston Texas to join the Texas National guard. That is when he had his first taste of Texas BBQ. From that point he made it his mission to learn to make the best Texas style BBQ. His motto is “Everyone loves good food and good food makes happy people”. The fact is that many cultures center much of their family and social engagements around eating. In some countries meals last for hours and involve lounging around on pillows and relaxing. Here in Texas, we have Barbecue's. Barbecue's are where you enjoy meat and dishes that have been barbecued. It is usually centered around festivites and the good old pot-luck or covered dish. Weddings, parties, anniversaries, birthdays are all excuses to throw a good old fashioned Texas barbecue. At the core of the barbecue is the barbecue sauce. So when you are planning your next barbecue, look for SlowPoke BBQ's Spicy Apple Barbecue Sauce!


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