Our very own SlowPoke BBQ has a new sauce on the market – I got a chance to try it recently.

This is a very fine sauce too! It has a deep, rich molasses fragrance + a lot of tart smell from the apple, pear and vinegar combo. It reminds me of a deep, hearty sauce – the kind I like to pile up on brisket, ribs and especially sammies. As for the consistency, it is on the thinner side, just like I like it. Finger check is up front sweet, then more sweet molasses, the the heat hits about mid way through (habanero?) and a nice finish with fruit and tangy overtones, followed by a pleasant appley after-taste. The heat is medium heat that lingers for quite a while. It has a a dark – carmel color. All-in-all it is a complex flavor profile, that was very well thought out and produced.
Two thumbs up from me! :cheers:

This one you should add to your “hey I’m looking for something different tonight” list of must try BBQ Sauces.

Check out Chads web page for ordering, get ya some.

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