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May 22, 2012

How To Care For Your Outdoor Grill

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Written by: Chad

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It may not seem like your gas grill requires much maintenance other than cleaning it after you use it, but in fact there are many ways you could prolong its life and ensure that your meals are always barbecued to perfection.

Before barbecue season starts
1. Clean the burner. Make sure all of the tubes are unclogged and there’s no debris in the way, whether it’s spider webs, leaves or just dirt.

2. Wash the grill. Wipe everything down with a wire brush and soapy water, except never let water touch the gas valves, cautions Real Simple magazine, as it can cause rust.

3. Ensure the burner valves aren’t stuck. Use a spray like WD-40 to loosen them up.

4. Look for any leaky hoses and make sure all of the connections are tight. Fix any that aren’t, otherwise things could get dangerous!

5. Heat the grill up and burn off any old grease before you start cooking.

6. Stock up on fuel and make sure you have all of the necessary grilling tools!

7. Oil the grate to prevent food from sticking to it.

After barbecue season is over
1. Use a wire brush to scrape off any charred debris that may remain after a meal.

2. Wipe down the lid, especially if you’ve been opening and closing it with greasy fingers.

3. Burn off any excess food that’s left in the grill so it won’t spoil the taste of future creations.

4. If your grill has an ash catcher, be sure to empty it to avoid overflow.

5. Clean out the drip pan if you have one, otherwise you may end up with a solid mess of grease that will be harder to clean.

6. Cover it when you’re done! This will prevent it from getting dirty and collecting debris.


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