May 16, 2012

Hot Wing Fatty

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Written by: Chad

3 chicken breasts pounded ¼” thick
¼ cup Hot Sauce
4 oz blue cheese
4 oz cream cheese (room temp)
1 lb bacon
1 baking pan
Saran rap
Cook temp 225 to 250 deg
Cook time about 2 hours internal temp 165 deg.

Hot Wing Fatty Recipe Ingredients


Step One:

Preparation Step One

Pound out chicken breasts ¼ thick









Step Two:

Preparation SequenceMix hot sauce, cream cheese, blue cheese in a bowl until well blended. Lay chicken breasts out in a baking pan with saran rap on the bottom. Add the cheese mixture and spread out. Roll chicken breast in to a roll. Use the saran rap to help you get a tight roll.








Step Three:

Bacon BasketMake Bacon weave cross hatch pattern.









Step Four:

Season out side of fatty with your favorite BBQ rub and roll in saran rap and save  in the fridge until ready to cook.








Step Five:

Put on the smoker at 225 to 250 deg. Cook until internal temp is 165 deg. (about 2 hours)








Step Six:

Take off when internal temp is at 165 deg. Let set to let the cheese cool down and harden up.








Step Seven:

Slice and serve. Served with red potatoes mixed with onion soup mix and baked.


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